[Bernhard Living] [Composition 00055] [2014]


01 Composition 00055.01 (25.36)

02 Composition 00055.02 (25.36)

03 Composition 00055.03 (25.36)

04 Composition 00055.04 (25.36)

05 Composition 00055.05 (25.36)

06 Composition 00055.06 (25.36)

07 Composition 00055.07 (25.36)

08 Composition 00055.08 (25.36)

09 Composition 00055.09 (25.36)

10 Composition 00055.10 (25.36)


[Composition 00055 is based on samples of the media theorist Marshall McLuhan, and is an reworking of an earlier project that was entitled Genius Loci. Genius Loci was commissioned by Simon Poulter for the McLuhan's Message conference held at the Watershed Art Centre, Bristol, UK, 06.10.2011. The ten parts of the original composition were one minute long and consisted of a spoken word sound-bite from McLuhan accompanied by the sound of the sample having been synthesised. Literally, McLuhan is accompanied by a mutated digital version of himself. In the revised version of Composition 00055, the McLuhan quotes have been removed, leaving only drone elements that are based on the synthesised samples. McLuhan has become a digitalised ghost, an amorphous and undefined identity within the composition.]

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