[Composition 2014]

Composition 2014.01 (Untitled)

Composition 2014.01 (Untitled) consists of three sinewave-based sounds with distortion. Two of these elements consist of Shepard Tones - which give the illusion of the sounds rising in pitch.  

This composition has had a somewhat complex history. It was originally comprised of long sustained continuous sounds - which were arranged in five layers. This gave the composition a very dense texture.  And because there was extensive use of distortion - the overall sound was harsh and brutal. This was interesting in itself - but there comes a point when music such as this becomes unlistenable - in fact - it ceases to be music - and exists as some form of brutalist sound art. The decision was made to bring back a level of musicality - to make it into a composition - and so the layers were reduced to three - and the original sounds were reduced to smaller eight-bar lengths - with the sounds alternating with equal lengths of silence. The different elements now occurring singularly - or in some instances to slightly overlap each other. This re-editing of the composition created a much more sparse and lighter texture - and allowed the composition to breathe.  

Composition 2014.01 (Untitled) was premiered at Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK [off-site] - 07.04.2021

Composition 2014.01 (Untitled) Film

Composition 2014.02 (Untitled)

Composition 2014.02 (Untitled) was produced digitally using FM and analog modelling synthesis. The components of the composition consist two elements -  one short  sound - and a longer pulsing sound - with both sounds fading in and out of each other. 

Composition 2014.03 (Untitled)

Composition 2014.03 (Untitled) is multi-textured - and oscillates from moments of density to those which are more sparse. Distortion has been applied to create a level of timbral complexity.

Composition 2014.04 (The Question Concerning Technology)

Composition 2014.04 (The Question Concerning Technology) is in the form of a palindrome - and consists of a continuously repeating tone pitched at C4 - that alternates between three fading sounds.
The Question Concerning Technology is an essay by the philosopher Martin Heidegger. The question is asked  “so as to prepare a free relationship to technology’ - and that the existential relationship with technology is one that is free and unbounded. Heidegger explores the wider meaning of technology - not just how it is perceived today - for example with new digital technologies and  media - but in the broadener sense of ‘tekne’.

Composition 2014.05 (Untitled)

Composition 2014.05 (Untitled) is sparsely textured - and consists of two layers; a short continuously repeating sound pitched at C2; and number of short fading sounds. All of the elements are separated by periods of silence - and ring-modulation has been applied to create a level of harmonic complexity.

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