[Compositions 2015]

Composition 2015.01 (Untitled)

Composition 2015.01 (Untitled) is sparely textured - and consists of four sounds of different lengths that slowly fade in and out of each other. Distortion has been applied to some of the elements to create a level of timbral complexity.

Available at Bandcamp

Composition 2015.02 (Morton Feldman)

Composition 2015.02 (Morton Feldman) uses on two short processed samples from Morton Feldman’s Two Instruments for Cello and Horn (1958). In addition - there are two sinewave-based tones that slowly fade in and out of each other.

Composition 2015.03 (Untitled)

Composition 20215.03 (Untitled) consists of two short sounds of indeterminate pitch - and a continuous tone at C1.

Composition 2015.04 (Object World) 

Composition 2015.04 (Untitled) was produced digitally using FM synthesis and aliasing distortion - and consists of three fading sounds of different lengths.

Composition 2015.05 (Untitled) 

Composition 2015.05 (Untitled) has minimal content - and consists of two elements - a short tone pitched at C1 - that occurs at the beginning - middle and end of the composition - and a continuous tone - pitched at C3 - that that gradually increases in volume until it reaches a maximum level halfway through the composition - and then decreases in volume until it becomes inaudible. Ring-modulation has been applied to the elements to create a level of harmonic complexity.

Composition 2015.06 (Empty Rooms)

Composition 2015.06 (Empty Rooms) is sparsely textured - and  consists of two repeating elements:  a short tone pitched at C3 - and a longer tone pitched at C#3. Both sounds are separated by periods of silence. Even empty rooms have cracks in the walls. 

Composition 2015.07 (Ольгина история (Olga’s Story)) 

Composition 2015.07 (Ольгина история (Olga’s Story)) was produced in collaboration with the Russian musician Elena Alekseeva - and is based on a sample that Alekseeva made of the Moscow metro.  She also reads the text 'Я двигаюсь во времени и время движется через меня. (I am moving through time - and time is moving through me.)’ - which is repeated against a textured background of multi-layered voices and metro sounds. 

Composition 2015.07 (Ольгина история (Olga’s Story)) was released in an album entitled Digital Voices by SonoSpace in 2019 - and reviewed by T.J. Norris of Toneshift later that year.

'Ольгина история (Olga’s Story) operates in a different sphere altogether, something more like modern day field recordings, and it’s from a live recorded concert in London. Filled with low-end chatter (almost like bats nestled in a cave) it is a collaborative work alongside Russian musician Elena Alekseeva with a sound sample taken from the metro. Captured is the hollow underground atmosphere (hence my imagining of Chiroptera) in a pure whoosh of surging drone. A Slavic voice pops up only at very occasional points throughout (reminding me of one of those watermarked promo recordings sent by p/r agencies), otherwise this cyclone of “voices” and degraded murmur continue in agitation. 

This has the constant flow of a cyclone, an avalanche, a babbling brook. It’s odd and fun trying to identify the potential scalability of what is rushing through the both speaker channels and into the auditory cortex. Just who is Olga? Wo/man or machine? Either way this channels something very much at the core of nature and its temporal effects on everything.' - TJ Norris - Toneshift