[Compositions 2012]

Composition 2012.01

Composition 2012.01 (Untitled) has a rarified texture - and is based on the tones C3 - D#3 - A#3 - with the sounds being separated by periods of silence.

Composition 2012.02 (Untitled)

The theoretical basis for this composition - and the first principle from which it is derived - is that things exist - and that there is also the non-existence of things. Musical and sonic elements such as tones and sounds are considered as objects and things. And the non-existence of things is considered as silence or empty space.  

The early Greek philosopher Democritus maintained - paradoxically - that what does not exist is no less real than what does exist. That what does not exist is empty space. What exists are bodies - things -  or objects - the things which occupy space - and move through its emptiness. For Democritus - empty space is infinite in extent - and bodies infinite in number.

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