Bernhard Living is a composer and former musician. 

He studied composition with the South African-born composer Stanley Glasser - and philosophy at Middlesex Polytechnic.
Bernhard Living’s digitally-based compositions share a formal ‘black square’ minimalist aesthetic - and have taken minimalistic compositional techniques to what he considers to be their logical conclusion. His music is developed from simple abstract ideas -  and is characterised by maximal repetition - minimal variation - and are reduced to their most basic and essential components. His work ranges from compositions consisting of sparse textures - in which silence and empty space predominate - to more compact work that explores different harmonic and tonal structures. 

His compositions are examples of what he calls ‘technological lessness’ - and explore what the architect and philosopher Buckminster Fuller called ‘post-industrial ephemeralisation’ - of doing more with less - of doing everything with nothing. 


Publication - Releases 

Digital album releases include: 

‘Digital Voices’ - Sonospace Label (2019) 
Composition 2011.03 (Ich Tanze Nicht) 
Composition 2015.07 (Ольгина история (Olga’s Story)) 
Composition 2017.05 (Undecided Metaphor) - Iklectik Label (2020) https://iklectikartlab.com/composition-2017-05-undecided-metaphor/

Film Version

Composition 2020.12 (Anne Truitt) - Iklectik Label (2021) 


Composition 2010.01 (Object World) 
Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK - London - 25.05.2019 

Video of the Performance

Composition 2011.03 (Ich Tanze Nicht) 
Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK - London - 17.11.2018 

Electropixel digital festival ‘Electronic Bodies and the Abstract Morphology of the Real’, curated by Julien Ottavi - Goldsmiths College, University of London - 11.07.2019 

Composition 2014.01 (Untitled) 
Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK [off-site] - London  07.04.2021 

Video of the Composition 

Composition 2016.04 (Living in the Present Continuous) 
Poetronica Festival - Curated by Pavel Zhagun - National Centre for Contemporary Arts - Moscow - 16.12.2017 

Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK - London - 24.03.2018

Composition 2016.06 (Untitled) 
Poetronica Festival curated by Pavel Zhagun - National Centre for Contemporary Arts -  Moscow - 15.12.2016

Video of the Performance 

Composition 2017.03 (Black T-Shirt) 
Untitled Event - Curated by Phil Durrant - IKLECTIK - London - 11.10.2017

Composition 2017.06 (Morton Feldman) 
Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK - London - 30.03.2019

Video of the Performance

Composition 2018.01 (Untitled) 
Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK - London - 23.1.2019

Video of the Performance 

Composition 2018.08 (Violin Stories) 
Poetronica - Curated by Pavel Zhagun - National Centre for Contemporary Art - Moscow - 21.04.2018 

Video of the Performance 

Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK - London - 14.07.2018 

Composition 2019.05 (Untitled) 
Sonic Electronics Festival - Curated by Laura Netz - IKLECTIK - London - 31.05.2019 

Composition 2019.06 (Technological Artefacts) 
Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK - London - 13.07.2019 

Composition 2020.13 (Edgar Varèse)
Corpora Aliena - Desert Stories - IKLECTIK [off-site] - 23.09.2020

Video of the Composition 

Composition 2020.15 (Untitled) 
Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK [off-site] - 13.01.2021 

Composition 2021.01 (Realtime Life) 
XOLO Space Generators #3 - Curated by Edward Griffiths - London

Composition 2021.10 (Arnold Schoenberg) 
Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK  London - 20.10.2021

Musician (1964 - 1990)
As a musician  - Living performed with a number of leading composers and musical innovators - including_ Karlheinz Stockhausen - Cornelius Cardew - Hugh Davies - Barry Guy - and Mike Westbrook. 

He is a featured soloist on a number of classic jazz - post-punk - and rock albums - including: Mike Westbrook’s Celebration (1967) - Release (1968) - and Marching Song (1969); Manfred Mann’s Chapter Three (1969) and Chapter Three Volume Two (1970); Barry Guy’s Ode (1972); and Linder Stirling’s Ludus project (1982). The Sunday Times music critic Derek Jewell described Living’s performance style and technique as ‘revolutionary’. 

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