[Compositions 2021]

Composition 2021.01 (Untitled)
Composition 2021.01 (Untitled) is based on an eight-note tone-cell of C - D - D# - E - F - F# - A# - B - and consists of fourteen repeating dyads and triads.

Composition 2021.02 (Untitled)
Composition 2021.02 (Untitled) consists of a repeating pedal note of C2 that alternates with different single tones - dyads - and triads.

Composition 2021.03 (Untitled)
Composition 2021.03 (Untitled) is sparsely textured and consists of two continuously repeating tones; one from the electric piano pitched at C2 - and the second is sinewave-based pitched at F#2.  Both elements are separated by silence.

Composition 2021.04 (Untitled)
Composition 2021.04 (Untitled) is based on a tone-cell from Arnold Schoenberg’s 1909 composition ‘Three Piano Pieces’ Op.11: C#2 - A2 - D#2 - G#2 - D2 - C2 - D#2 - C#2.

Composition 2021.05 (Untitled)
Composition 2021.05 (Untitled) is based on the twenty-four-note tone-row from Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Klang series of compositions (2005-2007). This is the tone row: E2 - C2 - F2 - D3 - C#3 - D#3 - A3 - G3 - G#3 - B2 - F#3 - A#2 - D#2 - C#2 - D2 - F3 - C3 - E3 - A#3 - F#3 - B3 - G#2 - G2 - A2.

Compositions 2021.06 (Untitled
Composition 2021.06 (Untitled) is based on a four-note cell of C - C# - E - F# - from which dyads and tetrachords have been derived.

Album - Know Yourself (Γνῶθι σεαυτόν)

Composition 2021.07 (Untitled)
Composition 2021.07 (Untitled) is sparsely textured - and consists of a short continuously repeating sinewave-based tone at C4 - and two fading sounds pitched at C3 - with the sounds separated by silence.

It is believed by philosophers that a good rationale must be independent of emotions - personal feelings - or any kind of instincts. Any process of evaluation or analysis that may be called rational - is expected to be highly objective - and logical. If these minimum requirements are not satisfied i.e. if a person has been - even slightly - influenced by personal emotions - feelings - instincts - or culturally specific moral codes and norms - then the analysis may be termed irrational - due to the injection of subjective bias.

Album - Empty Rooms

Composition 2021.08 (Untitled)
Composition 2021.08 (Untitled) is based on a six note tone-cell made up of three dyads: C2/ C#3 - B1/D3 - A1/D#3.

Album - Album - Know Yourself (Γνῶθι σεαυτόν)

Composition 2021.09 (Untitled)
Composition 2021.09 (Untitled) is based on a five-note tone cell of B0 - C#1 - C3 - B4 - C#5 - and consists of fading sounds separated by silence. 

Composition 2021.10 (Untitled)
Composition 2021.10 (Untitled) is based on the twelve-tone row from Arnold Schoenberg's Suite for Piano Op 25 (1921). 

Arnold Schoenberg's Suite for Piano Op. 25, is a 12-tone piece for piano composed between 1921 and 1923. The work is the earliest in which Schoenberg employs a row of "12 tones related only to one another" in every movement. The basic tone row of the suite consists of the following pitches: E–F–G–D♭–G♭–E♭–A♭–D–B–C–A–B♭. 

Composition 2021.10 (Untitled) was first performed at Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK - London - 20.10.2021.

Album - Today Come From Yesterday

[Compositions 2022]

Composition 2022.01
Composition 2022.01 (Untitled) is based on a tone-cell - D2 - F2 - A2 - E3 - G#3 - from Anton Webern’s 1914 composition ‘Three Little Pieces for Cello and Piano’ Op. 11.

Album - Album - Know Yourself (Γνῶθι σεαυτόν)

Composition 2022.02 (Untitled)
Composition 2022.02 (Untitled) is sparsely textured - and is based on a five-note tone-cell of C1 - C2 - C#2 - C3 - C4.

Composition 2022.03 (Untitled)
Composition 2022.03 (Untitled) is based on a tone-cell of C2 - D#2 - F#2 - A#2 - and C#3 - and consists of a continually repeating tone and fading dyads.

Album - All Together Through Time

Composition 2022.04 (Untitled)
Composition 2022.04 (Untitled) is sparsely textured - and is based on a tone-cell - C#2 - D2 - D#2  - E2 - F2 - G#2 - A#2 - C#3 - from Morton Feldman’s Trio for Flutes (1972). 

Composition 2022.05 (Untitled)
Composition 2022.05 (Untitled) is based on the tone-row from Igor Stravinsky’s Epitaphium (1959). This is the row: C♯ - A♯ - D♯ - E - C - B - F♯ - F - D - G - G♯ - A. The notes of the row appear as  either trichords or fading sound lines.

Album - Today Comes from Yesterday

[Compositions 2022]

Composition 2023.01 (Untitled)
Composition 2023.01 (Untitled) is based on a tone cell - A2 - F#3 - B3  / G1 - C2 - F2 - from Arnold Schoenberg’s Six Little Pieces Op. 19 (1911) - from which dyads and triads have been derived. 

Album - Heard Again

Composition 2023.02 (Untitled)
Composition 2023.02 (Untitled) consists of a single line moving in semi-tones and minor thirds - within a pitch range between A1 to C3 -  and suggests never ending permutation and endless movement through time. The Open AI GPT-4 programme was used to determine the ordering of the tones.

Album - From Here To There

Composition 2023.03 (Untitled)
Composition 2023.03 (Untitled) is based on a seven-note tone cell of C2 - C# - D2 - D# - E2 - F# - A# - and which were formed into dyads and triads. The Open AI GPT-4 programme was used to determine the ordering of the chords.

Album - From Here To There

Composition 2023.04 (Untitled)
Composition 2023.04 (Untitled) consists of alternating tones from high and low registers - and is based on tone rows from leading composers of the twentieth century - with tone rows from Alban Berg - Morton Feldman - Elisabeth Lutyens - Arnold Schoenberg - Karlheinz Stockhausen - and Anton Webern.

Album - All Together Through Time

Composition 2023.05 (Untitled)
Composition 2023.05 (Untitled) is based on a tone cell of C2 - D2 - D#2 - E2 - F#2 - A#2 - C#3 - from which repeating dyads have been derived. Each iteration of a dyad is accompanied by a fading tone that is common to the dyad. 

Album - Heard Again

Composition 2023.06 (Untitled)
Composition 2023.06 (Untitled) consists of dyads constructed by minor thirds and minor fifths.


Composition 2023.07 (Untitled)
Composition 2023.07 (Untitled) consists of twelve-tone rows randomly generated using the Open AI CharGPT online application.

Album - All Together Through Time

Composition 2023.08 (Untitled)
Composition 2023.08 (Untitled) consists of twelve-tone rows generated by Open AI GPT-4. The sounds appear as single tones alternating with dyads.

Composition 2023.09 (Untitled)
Composition 2023.09 (Untitled) consists of fading tones - semi-tones -  and quarter tones.

Album - From Here To There

Composition 2023.10 (Untitled)
Composition 2023.10 (Untitled) consists of a repeating melodic drone element and fading sounds. 


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