[Compositions 2017]
Composition 2017.01 (Hands Holding the Void)

Composition 2017.01 (Hands Holding the Void) consists of a small number of fading tones alternating with periods of silence. The title comes from a sculpture by the artist Alberto Giacometti.

Composition 2017.02 (Untitled) 

Composition 2017.02 (Untitled) is sparsely textured - and consists of two layers; a continuously repeating tone pitched at C3; and five single tones at C#3 - D3 - D#3 - F3 - and E2. All of the elements are separated by periods of silence. 

Composition 2017.03 (Black T-Shirt) 

Composition 2017.03 (Black T-Shirt) was produced digitally using granular synthesis with samples of a ‘cello. There are four other repeating sounds that increase and decrease in volume and act as a background texture to the ‘cello sound. 

Composition 2017.03 (Black T-Shirt) was first performed at a concert curated by Phil Durrant - IKLECTIK - London - 11.10.2017.

Composition 2017.04 (The Nature of Things)

Composition 2017.04 (The Nature of Things) consists of two unhitched metallic sounds - four fading tones pitched at C4 - A#3 - C3 - A#2 - and a continuous sinewave-based tone pitched at C1.

On the Nature of Things (De rerum natura) is a first-century BC poem by the Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius (c. 99 BC – c. 55 BC). The poem, explores Epicurean philosophy and physics through poetic language and metaphors - including the principles of atomism - the nature of the mind and soul - explanations of sensation and thought - and the development of the world and its phenomena.

Composition 2017.05 (Undecided Metaphor)

Composition 2017.05 (Undecided Metaphor) is densely textured - and consists of a number of overlapping sounds that fade in and out of each other across the stereo field. There is no allegory - metaphor - symbolism - or personal references to anything other than to the composition itself - and that the composition exists within its own space and time.   

Composition 2017.05 (Undecided Metaphor) was released by IKLECTIK in 2020.

Composition 2017.05 (Undecided Metaphor) Film 

Composition 2017.05 (Undecided Metaphor) Film consists of photographs of the Russian artist Marinesca at the Tate Modern Gallery - London. 

Composition 2017.06 (Morton Feldman)

Composition 2017.06 (Morton Feldman) uses a sample from Morton Feldman’s Trio for Flutes (1972). Extensive use was made of granular synthesis - which altered the original sounds to an unrecognisable level. The music is densely textured - with different elements fading in and out of each other. 

Composition 2017.06 (Morton Feldman was first performed at Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK - London - 30.03.2019.

Composition 2017.06 (Morton Feldman) Live Film

Composition 2017.06 (Morton Feldman) Live Film is of Bernhard Living performing at Corpora Aliena - Iklectik - London - 30.03.2019.

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