[Compositions 2010]

Composition 2010.01 (Object World)

Composition 2010.01 (Object World) is an example of ‘technological lessness’ - and explores what the architect and philosopher Buckminster Fuller called ‘post-industrial ephemeralisation’ - of doing more with less - of doing everything with nothing. 

Composition 2010.01 (Object World was first performed at Corpora Aliena - IKLECTIK - London - 25.05.2019

Composition 2010.02 (Untitled)

Sounds fade in from silence - from non-existence to existence - from non-being to being. The sounds continue - with glacial movement - sometime fading in and out of each other - sometimes separated by periods of silence. At the end - fading back to silence - to non-existence - to non-being.

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