[Compositions 2013]

Composition 2013.01 (Untitled)

Composition 2013.01 (Untitled) is sparsely textured - and consists of a small number of short and medium-length fading and repeating sounds.

Composition 2013.02 (Untitled)

Composition 2013.02 (Untitled) was produced digitally using FM synthesis. The components of the composition consist of three repeating sinewave-based tones pitched C1 - A1 - and C2.

Composition 2013.03 (Untitled)

Composition 2013.03 (Untitled) consists of two repeating sounds - a continuous sinewave-based tone pitched at C1 - and a medium-length sound that occurs in the middle of the composition.

Composition 2013.04 (Untitled)

Composition 2013.04 (Untitled) is sparsely textured - and consists of a number of short repeating sounds and tones.

Composition 2013.05 (Object World)

Object World is a collection of four compositions produced over a ten-year period from 2010 to 2020. The compositions are a set of variations. They consist of shared material - with repeating elements - and are sparsely textured. 

The compositions an examples of ‘technological lessness’ - and explore what the architect and philosopher Buckminster Fuller called ‘post-industrial ephemeralisation’ - of doing more with less - of doing everything with nothing.