[Compositions 2013]

Composition 2013.01 (Untitled)

Composition 2013.01 (Untitled) is sparsely textured - and consists of four elements separated by periods of silence.

Composition 2013.02 (Untitled)

Composition 2013.02 (Untitled) was produced digitally using FM synthesis. The components of the composition consist of three repeating sinewave-based tones: C1 - A1 - C2.

Composition 2013.03 (Untitled)

Composition 2013.03 (Untitled) consists of three elements: two tones at C3 and C#3 - and a pulsing unpitched sound.

Composition 2013.04 (Untitled)

Composition 2013.04 (Untitled) is sparsely textured - and consists of a number of short repeating sounds and tones.

Composition 2013.05 (Object World)

Object World is a collection of four compositions produced over a ten-year period from 2010 to 2020. The compositions are a set of variations. They consist of shared material - with repeating elements - and are sparsely textured. 

The compositions an examples of ‘technological lessness’ - and explore what the architect and philosopher Buckminster Fuller called ‘post-industrial ephemeralisation’ - of doing more with less - of doing everything with nothing.

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